Wii u focused Nintendo Direct to air tomorrow…finally (Updates included)


The Wii U has been very quiet since it launched last November.  Nintendo knows it needs to show what is on the horizon and that is exactly what they say they will do with another Nintendo Direct broadcast starting tomorrow at 9am EST.   Why did I add that “finally” up there?  Click more for my thoughts on the current Wii U status.

I am very high on the Wii U, but am a little puzzled by the lack of games at this point in the system’s life.  Nintendo says they learned important lessons with the 3DS launch, but they continue to make the same mistakes.  No virtual console on the Wii U (no, the Wii version doesn’t count, cuz you can’t play on the gamepad), long periods with no new retail games, and nothing (and I mean NOTHING) new on the Wii U eShop for weeks.  Exactly what lessons were learned by Nintendo?  Maybe something will come out of this ND presentation, but I have found that one should not get terribly excited by these things.  You will only be disappointed.  I’ll update this post tomorrow if anything amazing is announced.

Update #1:  Rumor is that Nintendo will announce the Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow…possibly with Gamecube games.  Would this be enough to satisfy hungry Wii U owners?  Hmm…I’ll wait and see if this is true before commenting on it.  T-minus 11.5 hours and counting…

Update #2: Turns out the Wii U VC was announced today, but only NES, SNES, and GBA titles were mentioned. Demo versions of VC games will come out soon. The service will not launch for real until Spring or Summer.

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