Today in History: December 3rd, 1996 – Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Strikes on the Nintendo 64


There was a fair amount of buzz for Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire around the time it was announced, and leading up to release for, the Nintendo 64.  For one, this was one of the first third party titles to hit and gamers were eager to see what 3rd parties could do on the new Nintendo wonder system and it was Star Wars (there was also this thing called Episode One coming a few years later).Based on a story that is a background piece between Episode V and Episode VI, Shadows was very careful to not interfere with the cannon that George Lucas and company had going for the franchise.  This meant that main characters were pretty much out or only alluded to in this game and gamers were relegated to playing some guy named Dash Rendar rather than the more popularly known characters from the movies.


These caveats didn’t dampen sales of Shadows as it holds the title of 3rd place in sales for Nintendo 64 titles for the year 1997, not that it had a lot of competition.  Highlights of Shadows include a full on orchestral soundtrack.

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire is also available on Windows 95 (released a year after the console version).


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