Today in History: December 1st, 1985 – Gauntlet is Released on the Nintendo Entertainment System


Tengen was one of those companies that weren’t afraid to go their own route in life, even if that meant going against the Big N and their, seemingly monopolistic, control of the gaming scene in the 80′s.  Gauntlet was one of those titles that every gamer worth their salt knew about, it was big in the arcades, it was big on computers and Tengen controlled the home rights to the game and Tengen.

From the get go, Gauntlet is a “quarter muncher”, a title which is designed to suck money out of gamers pockets as fast as possible through any means necessary (extreme difficulty being rather popular).  Viewing the action from overhead offered a much better perspective to the slaughter than a sidescrolling view could ever handle.  Enemies come at the player in swarms of bodies on top of bodies coming out of these “monster generators”, sometimes filling a room to the point that there simply cannot be any more monsters in it till the player annihilates a few.

There is an interesting fact about Gauntlet by Tengen on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  There are two versions, one is licensed by Nintendo and one is not but both share the same box art.  This game was released at about the time that Tengen and Nintendo had a falling out over the licensing agreements that Nintendo had in place.

Gauntlet has hit a ton of systems, too many to list.  If it was capable of running a version of the game, it probably received a port.

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