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Just Dance 4 Gameplay Videos

Judging by the amount of traffic coming in for the Just Dance 4 coverage we have posted already, we figure it is time to start posting some gameplay videos so that fans can get tips, see things in action and just generally have a good time.  Just Dance 4 by Ubi Soft is one of […]


Marvel’s Avengers Battle for Earth Slams onto the Nintendo Wii U

Battling the skrull invasion is never a boring proposition, not for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with a few extras (last time I checked, Wolverine was never an Avenger).  Being based on the Secret Invasion storyline, the Wii U game uses the Wii U pad in unique ways such as shooting arrows with Hawkeye.  Check the shots […]


ZombiU Screens Because We Care

Judging by the traffic and where readers are hitting, it is safe to say, ZombiU by Ubi Soft is a rather popular game with our fanbase.  That is fine with us because we are back with even more screens of Ubi Soft’s answer to the zombie apocalypse.


Gangnam Style Comes to Just Dance 4 (Multiple Platforms)

There is no denying that Gangnam Style, the wildly popular South Korean dance song is coming to the Just Dance 4 by Ubi Soft, check out the screens below because it hits tomorrow on Wii, today for Xbox 360, November 27th for Playstation 3 and December 2012 for Wii U owners.


Assassin’s Creed III Screens for the Nintendo Wii U and You

Assassins Creed III by Ubi Soft is a title that I have resolutely avoided.  Why?  Because I knew that I would be engulfed by the gameplay, the aura of the game and just not be able to stand waiting years for the next installment to hit.  Now that there are several games in the series […]

zombiu wii u nintendo ubi soft zombie fps

Even More ZombiU for the Nintendo Wii U Screens

This game is shaping up to be something quite unique, not just another First Person Shooter (FPS) but somewhat of a cross between Augmented Reality (AR) gaming and FPS all rolled up in one zombie blasting, supplies scavenging adventure.

zombie u wii ubi soft (7)

ZombiU by Ubi Soft for the Nintendo Wii U Screens to Die For

ZombiU is one of those games that I have managed to avoid really seeing much about till the press release hit my e-mail box.  Looks interesting, possibly more interesting than the run of the mill zombie first person shooter.


Rabbids Rumble on Nintendo 3DS Screens (It Hit Retailers Today)

Ubi Soft just dropped Rabbids Rumble on retailers today and sent us some great shots for fans looking to get an idea of the game before buying.

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