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Harvest Moon will be available in the 3DS eShop on May 16th

Natsume has tweeted that their Game Boy Color release of Harvest Moon will be available on the 3DS eShop this Thursday, May 16th.  Apparently, this is a colorized version of the original Harvest Moon on the Game Boy.  Will you grab this farm sim game from the virtual console this week?


Legend of Zelda Oracle games hit the 3DS eShop on May 30th

Two more Game Boy Color games hit the 3DS eShop next month, the two Legend of Zelda Oracle games.  These feature classic “top down” Zelda gameplay that fans have enjoyed for years.  Originally released in 2001, these two games are separate adventures, but can be linked together to unlock items and bosses.  Nintendo has announced […]


Today in History: January 3rd, 2001 – Project S-11 Blasts Aliens on the Game Boy Color

Overhead shooter games were once the great genre of gaming, no system lived without at least a handful of really good shooters having been released for it. The Game Boy Color is no different, even above the curve in may respects. Take Project S-11 which was released today in 2001, a time when gaming was […]


Today in History: December 31st, 1998 – Battletanx Blows Up The Nintendo 64

Battletanx on the Nintendo 64 may not have set sales records, it certainly did open, even if ever so briefly, a new genre of gaming that few companies jumped in on (Sega did with Alien Front Online which was “similar”).  The year is 2001, a virus has wiped out the feminine side of the human […]

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