Nintendo Wii U launches this Sunday!!!

Wii U Deluxe set

What better way to welcome the Gaming on Nintendo website than with a new Nintendo console!  This Sunday, the Wii U will be available to the masses along with a slew of launch games.  Is anyone picking up the system this weekend?  What about launch titles?

Personally, I am interested in the Wii U, but am not that excited by the launch titles.  Do I want to play any?  Of course!  It is a new Nintendo!  But, the games I am most interested in are already out on other consoles.  The Gamepad is the draw here and I love handhelds, so, naturally, I want one.  This also fits because I am married and have to give up the TV at times.  With this console, I can still play games during my wife’s shows.  Highly appealing to me, but not sure it has to be right now.

At any rate, rest assured that Gaming on Nintendo will cover all the news about Wii U and the launch this Sunday!

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