Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge Wii U Screens That Will Make You Buy It

ninja gaiden 3 nintendo tecmo action wiiu 1 (21)

Tecmo are a company that has proven they are not scared to reboot their original IP’s and try new things with them.  Gamers have proven they will support the cooler stuff (how many Rygar games did we get in the last 15 years?).  Here we have the third in the series of newer, 3D, Ninja Gaiden games (originally a scrolling arcade brawler that switched to side scrolling action on home consoles) and boy have Tecmo been working on improving this series (this series debuted on the Xbox awhile back and has continued to impress gamers).

The game is already out but we wanted to show off some shots to gamers that may be on the fence about buying this “ninja game” for their Wii U.





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2 Responses to “Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge Wii U Screens That Will Make You Buy It”

  1. Boatercycle says:

    I’d have to say it actually looks worse than current PS/360 games overall…I know it takes time for developers to fully utilize the new architecture of new consoles so Im not too disappointed. Looks fun

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