New Super Luigi U release dates announced along with a retail version


Nintendo has announced that the New Super Mario Bros U DLC game, New Super Luigi U will be released on the eshop on June 20th.  However, in the spirit of the Year of Luigi, Nintendo has decided to release a stand alone copy of the game at retail.  That version will be released on August 25th and will cost $10 more.If you already own NSMBU, you can get the DLC from the eshop for $20.  If you are like me and prefer physical copies of your games (or you don’t already own NSMBU), you can buy the retail release for $30 two months later.  I am thrilled that Nintendo decided to release this at retail, but not sure I want to fork over $30 for DLC (not too sure I want to pay $20 for it either).  Hopefully, the retail release will get some launch discounts or sweet preorder bonuses.  If not, I may wait for a price drop at retail.  What about you?

CTRP_LuigiU_scrn04_Ev04 CTRP_LuigiU_scrn03_Ev04 CTRP_LuigiU_scrn02_Ev04 CTRP_LuigiU_scrn01_Ev04 CTRP_LuigiU_scrn05_Ev04

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