Knill: A New Indie NES Title WIP


Retro titles around here are all great and fun but we have tried to keep away from simply flooding the site with yet more reviews of titles that have been covered time and time again on countless other sites in favor of focusing on finding original content we think our readers will enjoy.  Original content such as this game, Knil, a new indie NES title that is definitely still a work in progress but we still think it is worth bringing to your attention.

According to the developer, never-obsolete, Knil has been in development since about 2005 (though college got in the way of advancing the games development).  Based squarely on the Legend of Zelda from the NES, Knil pays homage (and borrows a font or two) to Nintendo’s franchise.  Check the screens out and hit the forums to see more screens and follow the games development as it nears completion.



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