Donkey Kong Country Returns remake for 3DS (screenshots inside!)


During the Valentine’s Day Nintendo Direct, another remake was announced for the 3DS.  Donkey Kong Country Returns is coming to the handheld this year.  How will Nintendo rework the wiimote waggle elements?  Hopefully, we’ll get more button controls and less gimmicks this time.

I really enjoyed the original DKC and DKC 2 on the SNES.  These games were pure platforming gold back in the 1990′s.  When Nintendo brought out DCKR on the Wii, I was estatic.  Finally, another entry in the DKC series.  I was not disappointed….for the most part.  For some reason, I never really got into the Wii game.  Everything was there:  the challenge, the graphics, the gameplay, the platforming….where did it all fall apart?  Honestly, the only thing I can point to is my lack of interest in console gaming.  Handheld gaming has always been on my radar, but since 2006, they have nearly taken over my game time.  I still enjoy consoles from time to time, but on a day to day basis, I can’t get enough of my portables.  I’m sure I’ll get this game and enjoy it on the 3DS….maybe I’ll even finish it this time.  If you own a 3DS, make sure you download the 3d preview on the Nintendo eShop!

Check out these screenshots for the big ape’s first 3DS game:

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