Code of Princess Coming to Nintendo 3DS eShop (Spiritual Guardian Heroes Folks)


Miss the days of Final Fight and Guardian Heroes and that whole beat the hell out of everything in front of you type game play? So does Atlus who are releasing Code of Princess onto the Nintendo 3DS eShop this week.

Battling on three planes is similar to what we got with Guardian Heroes on the Sega Saturn in the mid to late 90′s with light RPG elements. Up to four players can join in either co-op or versus (again like Sega’s older title which rocks by the way).

50+ playable characters (okay, they beat Guardian Heroes here) and over 100 quests to complete (again, back in the day, it wasn’t about having a ton of quests but more about replayability), Code of Princess is sure to be a hit with 3DS eShop gamers.

Code of Princess by Atlus
Platform: Nintendo 3DS eShop
Genre: Action RPG
Rated: T for Teen
Available now on the Nintendo 3DS eShop and at retailers

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