Capcom embraces the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console


Capcom has already released Mega Man 1 and 2 on Nintendo’s Virtual Console for the 3DS.  They have pledged that the other 4 Mega Man games will be released as well.  Mega Man 3 has been announced for next week, March 14th.  Now, we are hearing reports that Capcom’s classic arcade titles are being rated for release.

1943 and Gun.Smoke are the first two games from the Capcom Arcade Cabinet that have been rated by the ESRB.  Two game packs of arcade classics were released on Xbox Live and PSN by Capcom.  The other games in that series include: Black Dragon, Avengers, Ghosts N Goblins, and Section Z.  Hopefully, this means all of these are coming the the 3DS soon.


I’m all for classic releases like this.  It keeps the games fresh and gives younger gamers a chance to experience what we NES owners grew up with.  The only gripe I have is no 3D support.  Nintendo made a big deal about the 3D Classic line up of games when the 3DS was announced back in 2010.  Where have all of those releases gone?  The last one that I can recall was Kid Icarus that released in March of 2012.  I like hearing about new old games coming to the 3DS, but I would be more inclined to purchase them if they were in 3D.  That’s something I can’t get anywhere else.  Are you listening Nintendo?

What do you think?  Am I way off base here?  Do you even care about 3D anymore?  It’s becoming apparent that Nintendo doesn’t.


Mega Man 3-2

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