Beyblade Evolution Coming to 3DS (New Screens)


Beyblade Evolution is coming to the Nintendo 3DS (yea, yea, it was announced almost a month ago- that is not the point of this article) in October.  Based on the popular Anime and tying directly into the upcoming TV series, Beyblade Shogun Steel which is launching later this year.   Using the motion sensors to recreate the action of the toys, Beyblade Evolution works its magic with augmented reality encompassing the gamer into the game.  Now onto the screens:

image2013_0515_1007_0 image2013_0515_1006_0 image2013_0515_1005_0 image2013_0515_1004_0 image2013_0515_1013_4 image2013_0515_1013_3 image2013_0515_1013_2 image2013_0515_1011_0 image2013_0515_1010_1 image2013_0515_1010_0 image2013_0515_1009_0 image2013_0515_1008_3 image2013_0515_1008_2


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