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Bandit Gaming: Resident Evil 2 GBA Tech Demo To Be Released Soon

resident evil 2 game boy advance gba tech demo beta port raylight italy (2)

While many gamers are aware of the Resident Evil game that was headed to the Game Boy Color, how many know that there was a company in Italy that took it upon themselves to port Resident Evil 2 to the Game Boy Advance, without permission apparently.  While it was a tech demo, something developers use to show off their skills to publishers in hopes of getting work, it is still quite cool to see it running on the GBA.  Big thanks to Retrocollect.com for the heads up.

Some background info here on this tech demo:  Raylight Studios, originally based in Italy, formed in 2000 and needed a bit of tech to show off their capabilities as programmers.  Not sure what to do, they did the only thing they could think of that would impress publishers looking for developers- port Resident Evil 2 to the GBA.  They did this with Metal Gear Solid also if anyone is interested.

Why are we covering this now?  Because according to Retrocollect.com, online preservation group – Past to Present Online (responsible for Conkers and Perfect Dark 64 betas being released) has tracked down the owner(s) of the actual ROM for this unofficial port of RE2.  Through true fan funded style, PTP reports the ROM file will be released for free on the net after a fan fund raiser has completed all handled by a third party.

resident evil 2 game boy advance gba tech demo beta port raylight italy (1)

resident evil 2 game boy advance gba tech demo beta port raylight italy (2) resident evil 2 game boy advance gba tech demo beta port raylight italy (3) resident evil 2 game boy advance gba tech demo beta port raylight italy (4)

More screens are available on Past to Present’s website so go show them some love and let them know Gaming on Nintendo sent you!

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  • AndrewBorman

    The ROM is already out there, for free :)

    • Carl Williams

      Really? Everything I found on it says it is “to be released soon”. Thanks for the heads up, Andrew!

      • AndrewBorman

        Yep, it was released the other day, no fundraiser needed. Article went up right before that and I havent had solid Internet to update it until now :)

        • Carl Williams

          Awesome. Andrew, are you with Retrocollect or PTP?

          • AndrewBorman

            PtoP, the one and only hah.

          • Carl Williams

            Love the site man. Great news there on lots of things that fall way under the radar.

          • AndrewBorman

            I appreciate it. Lots of hard work finding these things, building towards some real academic research. Fun and highly rewarding, and certainly unique!

          • Carl Williams

            I try to make it clear where the news items are coming from when I do these types of posts. Your site is great and definitely one that I check regularly.

          • AndrewBorman

            I appreciate it, sources are important in really keeping track of these things. I can’t police everything obviously, but when a site pops up linking to PtoPOnline I try to chime in with the facts.

          • Carl Williams

            It is definitely appreciated. I know how frustrating it is to just be searching Google to see where your content is popping up only to see sites basically stealing your work with no linkback, no thanks, no sourcing and then passing it off as their own.

            Had this happen many times in the past and actually got attacked by their fans when I brought it up (even though time stamps on news sites that picked up the article are impossible to fudge).

          • AndrewBorman

            Its sad that companies will go out of their way in resizing their watermark just so it fits over mine. They make hundreds of dollars of my content, the least they could do is source it properly. Kotaku in particular seems to have trouble spelling my sites name.

            And on top of that, they spread misinformation, never bothering to clarify with me. Then that continues on and at that point my preservation efforts are diminished

          • Carl Williams

            Oh wow. That is dirty pool they are playing. I try to leave shots as original as possible. I see no point in stealing from others.

            I usually try to wait a short period of time before posting items I find. Not because I am lazy but to give search engines time to properly catalog the original post and add my linkback to the page rank (if it helps, not sure though since GoN is not exactly a PR7+ site).

            I have seen sites copying each other within minutes of a major news item going up somewhere- like they are trying to be the “original” post or something.

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