Bandit Gaming: Family Picross for the Nintendo Entertainment System


While the Nintendo Entertainment System may be, commercially, long dead and done with there is still a small dedicated group of gamers that continue to work on games for it.  We have seen many titles created in the years since Nintendo pulled the plug on their first home console in North America yet not many Picross games for some reason (weird considering the popularity of the game and similar ones over the recent years).

Independent coder “freem” has slowly been releasing information for Family Picross game over on the forums at (I saw it on myself) and so far, it is shaping up to be quite a nice looking little puzzle game- clean, easy to read at a glance and based on a puzzle genre that is always interesting.

Family Picross by freem
Platform: NES
Genre: Puzzle/Picross
Release date not set at this time though a demo is available.

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