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pissed nintendo wii

Bandit Gaming: Pissed by Team Iron for the Nintendo Wii

When the Nintendo Wii was announced and it was clear that it would have motion controls, there were quite a few jokes made about certain types of games that would now be possible.  A bathroom urinating game was not one that  I remember hearing as a joke but apparently Team Iron did with Genesis Project, […]


Wacky Wednesday – Hellraiser (NES)

Some things are such obviously bad ideas that we don’t even bother considering them unless it’s a matter of life and death.  They aren’t things we have to consciously reject; without someone pointing them out, they’re not even going to pop up on our radar (which is why a guy can walk past a full […]

shovel knight kickstarter nintendo 3ds wii u wayforward (3)

Shovel Knight Retro Styled Action Adventure Coming to Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Retro styled action adventures are nothing new, there are plenty of devs creating them across many platforms but how many are former Wayforward staff members that worked on such iconic classics as Contra 4, A Boy and His Blob and Double Dragon Neon?  Not many, I can guarantee that.


Ducktales Remastered Announced by Capcom Coming to Major Consoles

Ducktales is a cartoon that I grew up watching as a kid, and was the main reason I wanted Disney Channel but my parents were apprehensive to adding to the monthly cable bill (I had to do chores and odd jobs to pay for it).  When Ducktales, and its sequel, hit the original Nintendo Entertainment […]

zen pinball 2 tables simulation marvel plants vs zombies arcade wii u eshop (6)

Zen Pinball 2 Now Available on Nintendo eShop

Zen Studios has made their popular pinball game, Zen Pinball 2, available on the Wii U Nintendo eShop.  Fans of pinball will want to grab this title due to the breadth of tables available from Marvel licenses to Plants vs Zombies and more.

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The Walking Dead Survival Instinct in Stores Across the UK Today

The Walking Dead, AMC Television’s hit show, now has another game to add to the short list, The Walking Dead Survival Insctinct for all major gaming consoles. Just hitting the streets of the UK today, Survival Instinct is set to continue the tradition of scares and a storyline that keeps gamers entangled in the game […]

Wacky Wednesday - Thanks, Canada!

Wacky Wednesday – Galoob Thanks Canada

Copyright law in the United States is pretty explicit when it comes to defining what third-parties are allowed to do with regards to content said third party did not create.  While copyright law makes provisions for fair use in the creation of new or derivative works based on original material, the owner and the would-be […]

Dinosaurs Will Fly

Wacky Wednesday – Dinosaurs Will Fly

Nintendo had it rough going into the fifth generation of gaming.  Sega and Sony upstaged the big N with 1995 releases of their consoles.  What’s worse, Nintendo was clinging to more-expensive-with-less-storage cartridge technology instead of embracing the cheaper CD option.  Even Nintendo’s most ardent supporters were starting to wonder if maybe they shouldn’t just pack […]


Capcom embraces the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

Capcom has already released Mega Man 1 and 2 on Nintendo’s Virtual Console for the 3DS.  They have pledged that the other 4 Mega Man games will be released as well.  Mega Man 3 has been announced for next week, March 14th.  Now, we are hearing reports that Capcom’s classic arcade titles are being rated […]

Ultra Games

Wacky Wednesday – Konami’s Nintendo Hack

This week’s Wacky Wednesday offering doesn’t focus on any specific hardware or software, but rather the ingenious way one company hacked their way through Nintendo’s old third-party-software regulations.  A round of applause for Konami, if you please, for creating Ultra Games…

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