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Today in History: December 31st, 1998 – Battletanx Blows Up The Nintendo 64

Battletanx on the Nintendo 64 may not have set sales records, it certainly did open, even if ever so briefly, a new genre of gaming that few companies jumped in on (Sega did with Alien Front Online which was “similar”).  The year is 2001, a virus has wiped out the feminine side of the human […]


Review: Trine 2: Director’s Cut for Wii U eShop

Trine 2 is an action platformer from Frozenbyte studios that was released last year on the PC, Playstation Network, and Xbox Live marketplace.  For the launch of the Wii U, a special Director’s Cut was created for the Wii U’s eshop.  This special edition includes expansion modes and all new levels that the previous releases […]


Just Dance 4 Gameplay Videos

Judging by the amount of traffic coming in for the Just Dance 4 coverage we have posted already, we figure it is time to start posting some gameplay videos so that fans can get tips, see things in action and just generally have a good time.  Just Dance 4 by Ubi Soft is one of […]

polaris snocross

Today in History: December 27th, 2000- Polaris SnoCross Shreds Onto the Nintendo 64

Before Vicarious Visions were working their magic for Sega and the whole 2k sports line on the Sega Dreamcast system, they were creating games like Polaris SnoCross for companies like Vatical Entertainment for the Nintendo 64.  While not a graphically impressive game, it does show off Vicarious Visions capabilities with early 3D (which they tweaked […]


Bandit Gaming: TailTale V1.1 for the Nintendo Wii

Remember Pokemon Puzzle League, Tetris Attack, etc from days gone by (circa late 1990′s)?  I was dreadfully hooked on those games for a long time and enjoyed playing each new iteration as I could get it.  Rikku2000, of, obviously was a fan too as he has released V1.1 of his game, TailTale for the […]


Bandit Gaming: Family Picross for the Nintendo Entertainment System

While the Nintendo Entertainment System may be, commercially, long dead and done with there is still a small dedicated group of gamers that continue to work on games for it.  We have seen many titles created in the years since Nintendo pulled the plug on their first home console in North America yet not many […]

monster hunter 3 ultimate lagombi 8

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Exclusive Screens Fighting a Giant Were-Polar-Rabbit, er, Lagombi

Even after looking at these screens for awhile, it is still quite unclear just what the hell a Lagombi is.  Is it a rabbit?  A polar bear? Some kind of wolf thing?  No matter what it is, it is one tough creature to take down.  This creature won’t go down easy so bring plenty of […]

monster hunter 3 ultimate brachydios 7

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Exclusive Screens Featuring the Brachydios

The creatures in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate are simply huge and monstrous to say the least.  We just made available exclusive shots of the Zinogre and now we have plenty of shots of the Brachydios creature.  What would you do if you encountered one of these in the wild?  Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate by Capcom […]


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Zinogre Battle Exclusive Shots

More exclusive screens for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Nintendo Wii U just keep showing up here at Gaming on Nintendo and we are more than excited to be bringing them to our readers as we all anticipate the release of this awesome game in March 2013.  These shots depict a battle with the […]


Marvel’s Avengers Battle for Earth Slams onto the Nintendo Wii U

Battling the skrull invasion is never a boring proposition, not for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with a few extras (last time I checked, Wolverine was never an Avenger).  Being based on the Secret Invasion storyline, the Wii U game uses the Wii U pad in unique ways such as shooting arrows with Hawkeye.  Check the shots […]

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