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Hulu Plus Now on Wii U With Tablet Viewing Too

Hulu, the online television streaming service, is now available on the Nintendo Wii U, specifically, the paid service- Hulu Plus, is available.  Limited viewing is still free on a computer but devices such as Wii U, iOS, Android, etc, require a monthly subscription which does offer an expanded viewing range of shows across all platforms.


ZombiU Screens Because We Care

Judging by the traffic and where readers are hitting, it is safe to say, ZombiU by Ubi Soft is a rather popular game with our fanbase.  That is fine with us because we are back with even more screens of Ubi Soft’s answer to the zombie apocalypse.


Five Side Scrolling Game Boy Advance Games You Shouldn’t Miss This Holiday Season

Sure, the Game Boy Advance is an older portable and can be had for quite a cheap price now so that makes it the perfect gift for a cash strapped family that have gamers in the house wanting to game on the go.  Not everyone has $150+ for the latest portable devices, then $30+ per […]


Limited Edition Zelda eShop cards going away?

For the Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary, Nintendo released these “Limited Edition” eShop cards.  Turns out that these may be disappearing from store shelves very soon. We haven’t heard anything from Nintendo,


Tank! Tank! Tank! by Namco UK

Namco Bandai Games are coming in hot with an interesting take on the 3D tank battle with Tank! Tank! Tank! on the Nintendo Wii U.  Remember Alien Front Online on the Sega Dreamcast?  Tank! Tank! Tank! seems to be in that style of online multiplayer tank shooter with

trine 2 directors cut title

Trine 2 Directors Cut Hits Nintendo Wii U eShop (We Have Exclusive Shots)

Frozenbyte, an indie developer/publisher from Finland, have just released Trine 2 Directors Cut onto the Nintendo Wii U eShop at an awesome price and a file size that is just under two gigabytes.  Enough reading, just check out the shots and enjoy.


Wii U Initial Impressions

The Wii U is out and we have one at our GON headquarters.  Is it worth your time and hard earned money?  Is it too late to the HD market to make an impact?  Should you stay away until all the bugs are worked out?  Find out within!


Batman Arkham City Armored Edition Exclusive Screens on the Wii U

Going the extra mile here at Gaming on Batteries is just the normal way of life.  We are not content with simply posting the same pics that PR sends out to EVERYONE that asks- no, we do some investigating and dig up great shots that no one else has.  Check out those Catwoman pics, you […]


Gangnam Style Comes to Just Dance 4 (Multiple Platforms)

There is no denying that Gangnam Style, the wildly popular South Korean dance song is coming to the Just Dance 4 by Ubi Soft, check out the screens below because it hits tomorrow on Wii, today for Xbox 360, November 27th for Playstation 3 and December 2012 for Wii U owners.


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U – Latest Screens

Capcom just keeps dropping screenshot after screenshot on us here at Gaming on Nintendo.  The latest batch includes some concept artwork to boot.  Enjoy.

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